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Vivekachudamani on Brahman

Surely, this whole universe is Brahman! – Such is the august verdict of the Atharva Veda. Therefore, all that exists is Brahman and nothing but Brahman.

Under no condition can that which is superimposed upon any substratum, have an existence independent of that substratum. That is why everything that is manifested before our eyes in other words, this whole universe is the supreme Brahman, the one Reality, the One without a second, pure Being, pure Intelligence, the Unconditioned, the silent Peace, the Unlimited without beginning or end, the Witness who remains apart from all activity absolute Bliss.

And Brahman transcends the world of multiplicity produced by maya that other name for ignorance. He is eternal and can never be touched by a shadow of suffering. He is indivisible, incommensurable, without form, undifferentiated, inexpressible and immutable. He shines with his own Light!
Vivekachudamani (231, 237-38)