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Vishubhalam 2013 – Vishu Predictions in Malayalam in 2013 for free

Vishubhalam is the annual predictions on Vishu festival, the Malayalam Zodiac New Year. Vishu 2013 is on April 14. Vishubhalam, or Vishu predictions, for the coming year (April 2013 - April 2014) is a major highlight of the festival. Astrologers prepare special Vishu Phalam for each of the Nakshatras as per Malayalam astrology.

Ashwathy – There will be lot of opportunities for people born in this Nakshatra. Mostly a good year.

Bharani – Mixed fortune. It will be a year of extremes both bad and good.

Kartika – This will be a good year. Hard work done during last year will yield results.

Rohini – There will be unwanted expenditure and some major impediments.

Makaiyram – This will be a year of mixed fortune. You can expect fulfillment of a long desire.

Thiruvathira – It will be a good year with improvements in all sphere of life.

Punirtham – You can expect to get good results this year. Will hear encouraging news.

Pooyam – You will see fluctuating fortune. There will be additional responsibility.

Ayilyam – There will be some economic difficulties and delay in ongoing projects.

Makam – There will be gains in career related matters. Some trouble in relationships.

Pooram – You need to be careful with money related matters. You will see mixed fortune.

Uthram – It will be a good year. There will peace in the family. You will be inclined in spiritual matters.

Atham – You will face both financial and emotional problems. But you will get the courage to over come. Basically a stagnant year.

Chithira – You will make gains this year. There will be good developments.

Chothi – You will see a good event followed by a problem. This will be the characteristic of the year.

Vishakam – You will need to follow strict financial discipline. Family members will cause some trouble.

Anizham – This year will bring good opportunities. Start of the year will be negative but there will positive change afterwards.

Triketta – You will see lot of positive developments. You will shed lethargy and work positively.

Moolam – Fortune is on your side this year. Don’t be surprised if you get unexpected financial gains. Good year.

Pooradam – You will get relief from problems troubling you. There will be economic gains. Basically a year of mixed fortune.

Uthradam – You will get good results. Decisions will be in your favor. Good time to take new bold steps.

Tiruvonam - It will be stagnant year. There will be a feeling of standstill. Year end things will move into the positive sphere.

Avittam – The year will start on a bad note and continue till the middle part. There will be good development during the later part of the year.

Chathayam – This will be a glorious year. Several important developments in life will take place this year.

Poruruttathi – Basically a good year. You can expect minor financial problems. Will get additional and new responsibilities.

Uthrittathi – A year of mixed fortune. Gossips and scandals will haunt you. Career change for some.

Revathi – A good year. New jobs and new source of income. There will be good development in all fields.

Note - will be providing link in malayalam as soon as we get links to free predictions.

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