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Swami Chinmayananda – On Cultivating Noble Thoughts

What we regularly encourage and consistently cultivate in our mind – this determines our character formation, and ultimately, our destiny. Evidently, an intelligent choice of thought changes the character pattern in us – placing, thus, the entire destiny of our life in our own hands.

We must come to realize the power and strength, the need and value for an unshakable personal faith in discovering and developing the inner vitality in us and in that undaunted striving for fuller life.

The uplifting, inspiring thoughts that we entertain richly accumulate our mental wealth and intellectual treasure of purity, serenity, love, cheerfulness and aspiration for the nobler gains.

We must keep our mind constantly open to all helpful suggestions. There are always rich mines of healthy ideas lying broadcast throughout life’s fields; only we ignore them, refusing to explore them fully.
Swami Chinmayananda