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Story of Bhushandi, the Crow, in Yoga Vasishta

Bhushandi is the name of the immortal crow mentioned in the Yoga Vasishta. The story of Bhushandi is also found in the Ramacharitamanas. The secret of the life and death and universe is shared by Bhushandi to Sage Vasishta and is found in the Yoga Vasishta.

Bhushandi resides on the Mount Meru and at the time of the end of the universe, it merges with the Supreme Soul. This form of merging is known as Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

During the next cycle of creation, it again reaches the Mount Meru and witness the events of the universe.

Bhushandi has witnessed numerous times the creation and dissolution of the universe. It has witnessed the birth and death of suns and moons.

It has witnessed the events of the world many times. It has seen the churning of ocean several times.

Bhushandi also knows what will happen in future.

So what is the secret of Bhushandi? The divine bird is not affected by external factors. It always remains in the present – not thinking of past or future. It constantly remains in the Supreme Truth. It never wavers. It is free of thoughts.

Bhushandi is a mute witness to the events taking place from creation to dissolution.