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Teachings on Real Guru from Guru Gita

Guru devoid of Knowledge, who indulges in falsehood and who is full of vanity should be abandoned. Because when he is not able to find peace for himself, how is he to bestow peace on others?

What special knowledge has a stone in saving other stones from drowning? If it cannot swim across the river by itself; how can it help other stones to swim across?

They (such Gurus) are not at all fit to be worshipped whose reasoning creates painful delusion. Such Gurus should be abandoned from a distance. One should take refuge only in the self-realized ones.

Imposters, habitual sinners, atheists, those who are of the different temperament, slaves of woman, evildoers, ungrateful, rougish, those fallen from Karma Marga, cruel, who indulge in vain discussions, sensualists, those who are angry, violent, unyielding to reasoning, devoid of knowledge, great sinners, crooks , fools, such
Gurus should be avoided; and one should only take refuge in the Self realized Guru with single minded devotion and discrimination. 
Guru Gita