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Shani Pradosh March 2013 date – Shani Pradosham on Saturday

Shani Pradosh is dedicated to Shiva and is observed when Pradosham Fasting falls on Saturday. Shani Pradosh March 2013 date is March 9. The March 9, 2013 fasting is highly auspicious as the next day is Mahashivratri.

Pradosham is a fasting dedicated to Hindu God Shiva and it is observed on the 13th day of the fortnight in a traditional Hindu Lunar Calendar. Fasting and doing puja on the day is believed to help in removing the hardships caused by Sani Dev.

In Hindu tradition, Saturday or Shanivar is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shani or Shaneeshwara – one among the Navgrahas. For those that believe in Hindu astrology and horoscope, Shani Bhagavan can create problems in life. It is believed that fasting and praying on Pradosh day will help in keeping removing the effects of Shani.

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