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S. Radhakrishnan on Hindu View of Religion

The Hindu attitude to religion is interesting. While fixed intellectual beliefs mark off one religion from another, Hinduism sets itself no such limits. Intellect is subordinated to intuition, dogma to experience, outer expression to inward realization.

Precious as are the echoes of God’s voice in the souls of men of long ago; our regard for them must be tempered by the recognition of the truth that God has never finished the revelation of His wisdom and love.

It is necessary for the Hindu leaders to hold aloft the highest conception of God and work steadily on the minds of the worshippers so as to effect an improvement in their conceptions. The temples, shrines and sanctuaries with which the whole land is covered may be used as not only the places of prayers and altars of worship, but as seats of learning and schools of thought which can undertake the spiritual direction of the Hindus.

Dr S. Radhakrishnan