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Pearls of Wisdom – Dadi Janki

Free yourself from the crisis that you create through your own negativity. There are so many external crises, you can’t even count them. There is nothing you can do about that. But the crisis you create in your own mind, according to the quality of your thoughts – at least put a stop to that.

When the mind is strong, external difficulties stay external – they do not shake me inside and rob me of my stability. The mind stays peaceful, free from sorrow and worry.

Internally, people do create many difficult situation for themselves. Arrogance, for example, makes you feel disrespect and causes you sorrow. Arrogance brings a desire for regard and respect and when you don’t receive these, you feel it to be an insult.

If I give from the heart, and don’t have arrogance, I won’t have such feelings.

If I have good virtues and my actions are good, my fortune will also be very good.
Dadi Janki