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How Peacock and Rooster Became Symbols Associated with Muruga?

Peacock and Rooster (cock or adult male chicken) is associated with Muruga – also known as Kartik, Kartikeya and Murugan. Legend has it that Muruga appeared to annihilate the demons that were spreading Adharma in the world. The chief of the demons was Soorapadman and he was defeated by Muruga at Tiruchendur.

Soorapadman had captured numerous Devas, saints and human beings. Murugan first deputed Veerabahu as a messenger and asked Soorapadman to stop his atrocities. But the demon paid no heed to the words of Muruga.

In the war that ensued, the demon army was easily overpowered by Muruga. Soorapadman performed many magical acts to deceive Muruga. Finally, the demon took the form of a tree, Muruga hurled his Vel (lance) on the tree and it split into two parts.

The demon then repented and asked Muruga for forgiveness. Muruga showed mercy and compassion and accepted Soorapadman as his vehicle (peacock) and banner (rooster).

The two half took the forms of peacock and rooster and constantly stays with Muruga.