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Practice forgiveness and thus you will have no enemy – Ramayan

Desire, passion and the like are the enemies. Of these passion is alone capable of impeding the path of emancipation. Under its influence man kills fathers, brothers, friends and those who are attached to him.

All mental fever has its root in passion. Passion is the great cord that binds the world. Passion is the destroyer of virtue, do thou therefore relinquish passion.

Take thyself to forgiveness, thus thou shalt have no enemy. Different from the body, the organs of sense, the life breaths and the intellect, self effulgent, unchangeable is the pure formless atma (self).

So long as people do not know the self to be distinct from the body, the sense organs and the life breaths, they are trouble by worldly sorrows and are under the influence of death. Do thou therefore always contemplate in they heart upon thyself as distinct from the body.

These advices were given by Bhagvan Sri Ram to Lakshman when an angry Lakshman wanted Sri Ram to give him permission to defeat Bharata and his mother Kaikayi. These incidents happened when Lakshman heard that Sri Ram was asked to go into exile.