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Origin of the Name Prayag and the Holiness of Prayag

Prayag located at the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati is one of the most important sacred places in Hinduism. The holiness of the place is due to the meeting of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. The place gets the name Prayag after God Brahma performed a yajna here to purify the atmosphere after he created the Universe. Prayag thus means ‘the place of purification.’

Prayag has got six ghats – Holy bathing spots. Two ghats are located on Ganga and another two ghats on Yamuna and two at the confluence of these rivers.

Numerous holy spots and temples are spread across Prayag. They include:

  • Dhirrttya Kuliya
  • Madhu kuliya
  • Niranjan Tirtha
  • Niranjan Tirtha
  • Shrir Mochan
  • Parsuram Tirtha
  • Gaughat
  • Kapil Tirtha
  • Indeshwar Shiva Temple
  • Tarkeshwar Kund
  • Tarkeshwar Kund
  • Dasashwamedh Ghat at Daraganj
  • Lakshmi Tirtha
  • Mahadevi Tirtha
  • Urvashi Tirtha
  • Urvashi Kund
  • Agnikar or Arail - Someshwar Mahadev (Som Tirtha)
  • Twelve Madho temples