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Chitra Nakshatra Predictions 2013 – Astrology Predictions in 2013 for Chithra Nakshatram

For people born in Chitra Nakshatra 2013 will be a mixed bag. Those born in the first two quarter of the Chithra Nakshatram will have a fairly good period. Those born in the next two quarter will face some hardship. Astrology Predictions for Chitra Nakshatram for 2013 is given below: Chitra Nakshatra is the 14th birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu Jyothisham or astrology. The first two quarter of Chitra is in Kanya Rashi (Virgo Zodiac) and last two quarters are in Thula Rashi (Libra Zodiac) according to Hindu moon astrology, Panchang and traditional calendar.

Finance – Those efforts made to earn quick money might end in disaster. You will get back money given as loan or that had remained blocked. Most of your plans will exceed the budget. Some of you will get property of parents or ancestors. You might have to break savings. Some of you will win prizes.

Career – Avoid making excuses at workplace. Laziness will cause some damage. Those looking for new job will perform well in exams and interviews. Jealous colleagues will be active. Some of you will get promotion but will not be happy with remuneration.

Health – Health will be fine for most part of the year. An illness of a family member troubling you will be cured.

Business – The year will start on a positive note. Loans and credit will be approved fast. You will be able to make good deals. You will get into new partnership. Large amount of money will be blocked. You will be forced to take certain matters to court this year.

Relationships – Relatives will cause some trouble. You will help friends. Family members will realize the mistakes and patch up with you. You need to avoid prejudice. Lovers will take important decision this year.

Students will see good progress. Higher studies as per desire for some. Teachers, writers and journalists will have a good year. Sportsperson will face injury related problems. Legal professionals will face some serious problems.

You will make investments in modifying home or vehicle. New home plans will be delayed.

Short travels with family will be fruitful. Some of you will travel abroad.

Marriages will be fixed during the second quarter of the year for some.

Children will make parents proud.

Offer prayers to Ganesha and Muruga daily. Read the Bhagavad Gita. You need to keep a control over your desires. Material life of other people should not be your yardstick to evaluate your life.