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Avadhuta Gita – Words to Ponder

The Srutis propound the true nature of the Supreme Being in such Mahavakyas as Tattwamasi. The world composed of the five elements is itself known to be unreal. Yet the Srutis (Vedanta) follow the method of elimination and negation to arrive at the Eternal Truth.

As long as the jar is intact with water, it reflects the sky on the surface of water within and gives an illusion that it contains the sky. When the jar is broken, water spills away. The sky is no longer seen in illusion. It remains where it is.

The distinctions, such as pot and the sky seen in the pot, the human body and the soul within, relate to objects created, but not to the Brahman. The Brahman is beyond all knowledge and measure. The Infinite cannot be measured or assessed by finite means.

Water in a container merges with water in another container; with no trace whatsoever of identity of either unit. Similarly the Becoming and the Being of the Brahman are one and the same though they are considered different.
Avadhuta Gita