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Lessons from Ramayana

The body is like a leaf. In no time, it yellows and drops to the ground.
The retreat of a strong man is like the silent drawing back of a fist to strike a blow.
Man should devote himself to dharma and only to dharma. One who sets his mind, instead, on acquiring Artha (wealth) becomes an object of the censure of the wise. The third man who is lost in Kama, the other path, is not worthy of praise. If, however, a man follows the path of dharma set down in the Shastras, Artha, Kama and Moksha will follow as a natural sequel to one’s actions.
Some happenings in the life of man cannot be explained away, and the course of some things can never be altered by anyone, however much he may try.
Anything which has been begun in good faith does, at times, get obstructed in its course, and takes an unexpected turn and that is the work of Fate.