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What is Guna in Hinduism?

Hinduism teaches us that energy has three qualities. In nature, these three qualities exist in equilibrium – Sattwa (calm/peaceful/pure), Rajas (activity/attachment/desire), and Tamas (darkness/inertia). The three Gunas also govern human beings.

Gunas are in a perfect balance in nature.
Human beings suffer when there is an imbalance in the Gunas.
Imbalance of the Gunas is the result of false knowledge and false identification.
Knowledge of Gunas is essential for a peaceful life. This knowledge has to be acquired through understanding and self-enquiry.
There is also a big misunderstanding that the aim of the life is to be constantly in Sattwa Guna. This is not true. For life to move ahead there should be a balance of all the three Gunas. You cannot live in a society and perform your dharma if Sattwa Guna dominates.
The attainment of right knowledge that helps in attaining moksha should be the aim of life and the gunas helps in attaining moksha.

Ramayana Google Chrome Experiment – Using Popular Google Web Tools

Google Indonesia as part of Chrome experiments and HTML 5 has recreated Ramayana with popularGoogle tools like Google Talk, Blog, Maps, Google product search, Docs, Gmail and Web Search. The story is based on the Indonesian version of the Ramayana. The script and all writings are in Indonesian.

Note – You can only view the Ramayana version if you are using Google Chrome Browser.
As the language used in Indonesian, it will bit difficult to navigate through the site. But you can easily understand the story.
Dialogues are presented through Google Talk. Maps are used to point the location of important places, etc.

You can view and watch Google Chrome Ramayana here at episodes

Contempt of others is out of place especially since the Divine is in all – Sri Aurobindo

If you learn to live in that calm of the inner being, you will have found your stable basis.
There are two attitudes that a sadhak can have – either a quiet equality to all or a general good will.
A contempt of others is out of place, especially since the Divine is in all.
To discourage anybody is wrong, but to give false encouragement or encouragement of anything wrong is not right.
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