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Vishnu Purana Teachings

To that Brahman there are two states – one without murti and other with murti; one indestructible and the other destructible: which (both) are inherent in all things. The indestructible is the supreme Brahman: the destructible is all this universe.

He (that Brahman) is of one essence, ever pure and free from stain. That Brahman, in its totality has essentially the aspect of Prakrti both Vyakta and Avyakta (manifested and unmanifested) and also the aspect of Purusha and the aspect of time.

Time is without beginning and his end is not known: and from him, the revolutions of creation, continuance, dissolution in the end unintermittingly succeed.

There was neither day nor night, nor sky, nor earth, nor darkness, nor light, nor any other thing save only one unapprehensible by senses or by the intellect.