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Today – November 15, 2012 – is Bhai Dooj – Chitragupta Puja and Yama Dwitiya

Today – November 15, 2012 – is Bhai Dooj - celebrates the relationship between brother and sister. An important puja today is the Chitragupta Puja – rituals dedicated to Chitragupta – one who keeps accounts of good and bad deeds on earth. Yama Dwitiya dedicated to Yama, the God of Death is also held today.

Apart from this some people perform Vishwakarma Puja – dedicated to Vishwakarma the divine architect of the universe.

Certain communities also perform Chopada Puja – opening of new account books.

On Bhai Dooj day, sisters show affection brothers by applying a Tika or Tilak. Sisters perform the ritual of 'naut' on the day in Mithilanchal.

Married women visit her brother’s home on this day or both brother and sister assemble in a convenient place or married sisters invite their brothers to their homes.

Usually, the sister brings a couple of puja items in a ‘thaali’ during Bhai Dooj. This involves coconut, batashas, mithai, fruits, seven paans, roli and little rice.

Sister applies a teeka on the brother and gives him a few of the eatables along with a coconut piece.

Legend has it that Lord Yama, the Hindu God of death, after being affectionately welcomed by his sister, Yami, had given the boon that those brothers who receive Tika from their sisters will not have the suffer the pains of hell. Thus the day is also known as Yam Dwitiya