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No one except oneself can remove his own bondage – Adi Shankaracharya Teachings

Through discriminative self analysis and logical thinking one should separate the Pure Self within the sheaths as one separates the rice from the husk, bran, etc., that are covering it. (Atma Bodha Verse 16)

The knowledge of an object is only gained by perception, by investigation or by instruction but not by bathing or giving alms, or by a hundred retentions of the breath. (Vivekachudamani shloka 13)

By reason of ignorance a connection between you who are Paramatman and that which is not Atman is brought about and hence this wheel of embodied existence. By the fire of wisdom arising from this discrimination the growth of ignorance is burnt up to its very roots.

Sons and others are capable of taking care of a father’s debts, but no one except oneself can remove his own bondage.

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