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Video – Lecture on Scientific Values Found in Hindu Scriptures – Integration of Science and Spirituality by Dr N Gopalakrishnan

This video is an excellent lecture by Dr N Gopalakrishnan on scientific values found in Hindu Scriptures. The core theme of the lecture is the integration of science and spirituality.

An example from the speech:

How Dr N Gopalakrishnan Sir gives the scientific interpretation of this famous verse in the Bhagavad Gita - 

Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya, Glanirva Bhavathi Bharatha,
Abhyuthanam Adharmaysya, Tadatmanam Srijami Aham

Whenever the system in equilibrium is disturbed, the system will adjust itself in such a way that the effect of the disturbance in nullified.

You can find the video here on Youtube

The video is embedded below