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Troubles exist as long as we live in the domain of thought – Swami Turiyananda Teachings

Troubles exist as long as we live in the domain of thought. There is no peace until we transcend thought itself. When one kills the mind, the senses come under control.

What does it mean to kill the mind? It is to detach it from sense objects. The enlightened person has their senses under perfect control. The tortoise can draw in his legs: the seer can draw in his senses. I call him illumined.

Even a mind that knows the path can be dragged from the path; the senses are so unruly. But one who is wise controls the senses; the person recollects the mind and fixes it on Me. I call such a person illumined.

As long as one expects happiness, one stays restless. But the enlightened soul knows bliss in the Atman the Self within and wants nothing else.

Cravings torment the heart; he renounces cravings. I call such a person illumined. Craving for happiness brings suffering in its wake. 

The illumined soul keeps himself detached from the mind and intellect and directs them to work, whereas the ordinary person identifies himself with the mind and intellect.

Swami Turiyananda (1863–1922) - Disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa