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Goddess Jyestha – Hindu Goddess of Misfortune

Goddess Jyestha is the elder sister of Goddess Lakshmi. She is the goddess of misfortune. The characteristics of the Goddess are similar to Alakshmi. She symbolically represents poverty.

Goddess Jyeshta is usually depicted with a large belly and long nose.

The vehicle associated with Jyestha is ass. Her banner has the image of a crow. Sometimes she is also associated with owl.

Linga Purana indicates that she came out of Samudra Manthan (Churning of Ocean) and she finds her abode where people are unclean and inauspiciousness thrives. She avoids all those places that have divine presence. She looks for ego-inflated bodies.

In Hinduism, Goddess Jyestha symbolically reminds us that the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi should not give way to pride, indiscipline and arrogance. Unclean body, unclean surroundings, sloth and avarice are invitation to the goddess of misfortune and in auspiciousness.