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Ramayan Serial on Zee TV from August 12, 2012

A brand new depiction of Ramayan will be aired on Zee TV in serial format at 11:00 AM on Sundays starting from August 12, 2012 in India. In Europe, the Ramayana series will be telecast from August 19. The promo of the serial currently available indicates that there will be more extravagant sets from the earlier serial versions of Ramayan. Over acting actors and over the top the dialogues had ruined some of the recent TV versions of Ramayan. Hope the Ramayan on Zee TV will be different – importance will be given to the core teaching of Ramayan.

Ramayan on Zee TV is produced by Sagar Arts.

Ramayan of Ramanand Sagar in 1990s is still in the memory of the viewers and people are eager to see it again and again because of the simplicity and honesty with which it was presented.

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