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Ananda Ramayan

Ananda Ramayan is the story of Bhagavan Sri Ram. The book is the form of a conversation between Hindu God Shiva and Goddess Parvati. There is no single answer to the question as to who is the author of Ananda Ramayan. Scholars have numerous opinions on the authorship of Ananda Ramayan. The book got the name Ananda Ramayan because it is said that the reader experiences bliss when he/she reads the book.

There are nine main chapters in the book. There are 109 chapters under the nine main chapters. There are a total of 12, 252 verses. The nine chapters are Sarakanda, Yatrakanda, Yagakanda, Vilasakanda, Janmakanda, Vivahakanda, Rajyakanda, Manoharakanda and Purvakanda.

There are some striking differences between Valmiki Ramayan and Ananda Ramayan.

Ananda Ramayan begins with the marriage proposal of Dasharath and Koushalya, mother of Sri Ram.

Kaikeyi is the third wife of King Dasharath in Ananda Ramayana. In Valmiki Ramayan, she is the second wife.

Two portions of the sweet that was obtained from the Yaga was eaten by Kaikeyi as per Ananda Ramayana. In Valmiki Ramayan, she eats only a single portion. It was Sumitra, the third wife, who ate two portions.

In Ananda Ramayan, Lakshman is the son of Kaikeyi. In Valmiki Ramayan, Lakshman is the son of Sumitra.

Bharath and Lakshman are twins in Ananda Ramayan. In Valmiki Ramayana, Lakshman and Shatrughna are twins.

Bharath is the younger brother of Lakshman in Ananda Ramayan.

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