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Purnima May 2017 date and time – Full moon day in May 2017

Full moon day in a Hindu lunar month is referred as Purnima. Vrat (fasting) and special pujas are held on the day. Purnima May 2017 date is May 10. The Purnima time is from 1:07 AM on May 10, 2017 and ends at 3:12 AM on May 11. Purnima Vrat is on May 10 – fasting is observed on this day.

May 10 is the Vaishakh Purnima in most Hindu calendars.

Some Hindu communities also observe the day as Kurma Jayanti day. The day is observed as Radha Raman Jayanti in Vrindavan. Certain Shiva sects observe Gorakhnath Jayanti on the day.

Vaishak Snan ends on the day.

The day is also the last day in the Vaishak month in the traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India.