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Nitya Teerth

Teerth yatra is an important part of Hindu tradition. Teerth means a sacred place which helps a person in redemption of sins. Yatra means journey. Teerth in Hindu tradition is divided into three and the first is the Nitya Teerth, second is Bhagavadiya Teerth and Sant Teerth.

Nitya Teerths are those sacred places that existed from the beginning of time. They always exist – before creation and after creation. During the delusion, the Nitya Teerth is not affected. They remain as the same during each cycle of creation.

The three Nitya Teerths are Kashi, Kailash and Mansarovar. All these are associated with Shiva.

Apart from these three, Ganga River, Narmada River, Godavari River and Kaveri River are also considered as Nitya Teerth. Bathing in holy rivers has always been considered as a means to redemption of sins and for attaining moksha.