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Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Views

The ordinary man should live in the world and fulfill his duties here, striving with affectionate zeal but without attachment to self, just as a good servant takes care of a house, although he is quite aware that the house is not his. By purity and love he is to achieve liberation from his desires. But only step by step with patience and modesty.

Only undertake those actions that fall within the limits of your purified thoughts and dreams. Seek not to flatter yourself with gigantic deeds. Undertake duties as small in size as your self-surrender to God. Then as your selflessness and purity grow – and things of the Soul grow very fast — it will pierce its own way through the material world and benefit others as the Ganga sprang through the hard rocks of the Himalayas and watered thousands of miles with her beneficence.

He who has surrendered his mind, heart, and soul to God is a spiritual seeker. He who has given up lust and gold is a spiritual seeker. He looks upon women as his mother and accordingly worships them is a spiritual seeker.
Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa