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Story of the Birth of Bhartrhari

Bhartrhari, Hindu philosopher and grammarian of 6th century, is noted for his famous philosophical works – Niti Shataka, Shrinagara Shataka and Vairagya Shataka. He is also the author of the famous Vakyapadiya. There is a very interesting story regarding the birth of Bhartrhari. There once lived a learned Brahmin named Govinda Swami. He became the student of all the important Gurus of his time and gathered knowledge from all. But he remained dissatisfied. He felt there is more to learn. Therefore, he took a journey to find out a Guru who was the abode of all knowledge and who could satisfy all his doubts. During his journey, he came across a Brahma Rakshas (a ghostly apparition) in a forest. Govinda Swami soon found out that the Brahma Rakshas was in his earlier form a learned man. He had not shared his knowledge with anyone. Therefore a knowledge seeker cursed him that he will take the form of a Brahma Rakshas and will be relieved of the curse only when he shares his knowledge. The gho…

True Teachers Help Us to Think For Ourselves – Dr S Radhakrishnan

If we take any philosopher as a guru, if we treat his works as gospel, if we make of his teaching a religion complete with dogma and exegesis, we may become members of the congregation of the faithful, but will not possess the openness of mind essential for a critical understanding of the master’s views. The true teachers help us to think for ourselves in the new situations which arise. We would be unworthy disciples if we do not question and criticise them. They try to widen our knowledge and help us to see clearly. The true teacher is like Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, who advises Arjuna to think for himself and do as he chooses – yatha icchasi tatha kuru. Dr S Radhakrishnan