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Swami Turiyananda Thoughts on Freedom

There is no freedom, no respite until you have done your duties. That which you have given up without performing, will be waiting for you—only to appear again. Face the brute! You can’t save yourself by flight. You may love all the beings in the world and be not at all under bondage, but the moment you allow your love to be centered on any special object you are bound. If you can get rid of these loads, then only can you attain to peace and liberation. Bondage and freedom are both in the mind. Atman is beyond mind. Brahman alone is real, everything else is unreal and the human soul is that Brahman. The lion shut up in a bullrush cage thinks he is caught, and escape impossible. He does not know that one blow from his mighty paw would demolish the cage and set him free. We are bound by the delusion of ignorance. Tear away the delusion and be free. Swami Turiyananda