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Swami Parthasarthy on Mind

The mind is replete with desires which scatter it everywhere for their fulfillment. It moves restlessly in all directions like the wind over the earth. When the passions of the mind rise higher and higher, the mind becomes turbulent, violent.

A mind in that state can cause heinous crimes. It is like a turbulent wind which, on land, can uproot trees and on sea can cause shipwrecks.

The mind and wind are both insubstantial, yet both have great strength. Though not concrete in form they can manifest powerfully. When a person’s mind changes so does his entire personality.

Like the wind, the mind can be most unyielding and obstinate. The wind tries to force itself through any opening in an obstacle…

The mind’s desires are insatiable and pursuit of them relentless.
Swami Parthasarthy