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Just as you cannot see your own eyes you cannot see your own jivatma – Swami Chidananda

Where is the soul?
Just as you cannot see your own eyes, you cannot see your own jivatma, yet it dominates. You are completely under its subjugation.

What should the seeker do?
There may be a finding, but there is no seeking. You only have to rediscover, to remember, recollect, and remove this self forgetfulness for you are the Being whom you are seeking. You are already that which you want to be.

What are we after?
There is a greater wisdom, a greater intelligence, a greater understanding in following which alone, one can come out of darkness, and in surrendering to which alone you can liberate yourself from yourself.

Words of Wisdom - Swami Chidananda

Source - It's All One Man's Job By Sandra Heber-Percy