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Swami Kriyananda – Words of Wisdom

A true devotee offers up his trials bravely, even lovingly, to God. He sees every test as an opportunity for spiritual gain. Each test passed brings him an increase of inner freedom, joy, and wisdom. At last he learns to behold God’s love behind every trial. No longer do his tests, then, seem like punishment, whether karmic or divine. Perfect self-offering is possible only in deep communion with the Lord.

By working on ourselves from the superconscious level, we find that it becomes actually a blessing to discover faults in ourselves. Each one gives us the joyful opportunity to offer something more to God. He can purify us, as no amount of psychological counseling and self-analysis ever will.

No institution can determine a person’s progress on the path to perfection, for this is determined by God alone, and consists in personal self-offering to the Creator.
Swami Kriyananda


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