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Pushpanjali Prawaha – Aim to keep Yamuna River Clean from Puja Samigri

Pushpanjali Prawaha – the flow of devotional flowers – is a new method for disposal of left over flowers and other puja samigri in Delhi by Youth Fraternity Foundation (YFF). The left over sacred puja samigri used during the worship i.e. flowers, religious cards, posters, calendars, pictures of different deities on the packets of incense sticks, clothes in sacks and plastic bags etc are thrown into Yamuna by many people and thus adding to pollution.

Youth Fraternity Foundation (YFF) is attempting to reduce the pollution caused by the left over puja samigri by educating people and also collecting the samigri thrown into Yamuna.

Youth Fraternity Foundation (YFF) is a non-profit organization and is located at Adm Off. : No 12, II Floor, Calypso Bistro, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi – 110016.

You can also find more details about the organization here. – Youth Fraternity Foundation (YFF).