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Vrischika Rashi and December 10 Chandra Grahan – December 2011 Lunar Eclipse Astrology Predictions for Scorpio Zodiac

Chandra Grahan taking place on December 10, 2011 is not auspicious for Vrischika Rashi (Moon Sign), Scorpio Zodiac, as per Hindu astrology predictions. The Total Lunar Eclipse on December 10 night will be taking place on Rohini Nakshatra and the Rasi or moon sign is Vrishabha Rashi.

This Rashi people might face problems associated with opposite sex.

Financially this is a good period. You will get unexpected wealth.

There will be tension in the family which might lead to big issues.

Business people will have a good period. There will be some trouble from partners.

Students need to be careful about their activities. Bad company will cause huge trouble.

Those looking for jobs will be lucky.

Travels for some to foreign countries.