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Surdas Jayanti 2018 date

Sant Surdas sang about the glory of Sri Krishna and one of the most famous saints and poet of the 15th century. Surdas Jayanti 2018 date is April 20. He was blind and his poems concentrated on the lilas of Krishna in his childhood. Surdas was born in 1479 AD and left his body in 1586.

Sur Sagar is the most famous literary work of Surdas. The fame of his poems toll him to the Mughal courts and the Mughal emperor Akbar became his patron.

Legend has it that Surdas had the darshan of Sri Krishna in a dream and Krishna asked him to go to Vrindavan. Here he found an able Guru in Shri Vallabhacharya, who was an ardent devotee of Krishna.

His poems played a great role in spreading the Bhakti movement in North India during the middle ages.

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