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Quotes and Thoughts – Anandamayi Ma

Everyone thirsts for peace, but few people understand that perfect peace cannot be obtained as long as the inner soul is not filled with the presence of God.

Man’s mind is clouded by worldly ties. But there is no cause for despair. With purity, unflinching faith and burning eagerness go ahead and you will realize your true Self.

Time devours ceaselessly. No sooner is childhood over than youth takes its place – the one that swallows up the other. This occurs so slowly that one hardly notices it happening. But in reality, appearance, continuance, and disappearance occur simultaneously in one place. Everything is infinite; infinity and finitude are indeed the same. There is one thread in a garland, yet there are gaps between the flowers. It is the gaps that cause want and sorrow. To fill them is to be free.
Anandamayi Ma