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Bhartrihari - Words to Ponder

Undivided by space, time or qualities, whose form is nothing but endless consciousness, measurable only by his own awareness, tranquil and splendid, to him obeisance.

By bad advice is a king ruined,
By attachment an ascetic is ruined,
By indulgence a son is ruined
By lack of study a Brahmin is ruined
By a bad son a family is ruined
By association with rogues good conduct is lost,
By recklessness modesty is lost,
By lack of attention agriculture is lost
By absence from home familial love is lost
By lack of affection friendship is lost
By carelessness prosperity is ruined
By extravagant generosity wealth.

If true, there is no need for austerities.
If pure in mind what matters pilgrimage?
If kind, there is no need to bother about followers
If generous, there is no need of any adornment
If truly learned what matters wealth?