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Swami Chinmayananda on the importance of a goal in life

It is very necessary to discover a great purpose or goal in life. It should be an ideal that you have chosen according to your heart, not an ideal that somebody has given you, but that which appeals to you the most – then from it, a new enthusiasm comes to you. When there is enthusiasm then sincerity, ardor and consistency of purpose automatically follow and a new column of energy arises in you.

The goal has to be something higher than your self, your family and worldly comfort. If there is a social vision that moves us forward, we discover within ourselves a new source of energy.

Do not allow this energy to be dissipated in the futile memories of the past, regrets of failures, the imagined sorrows of the future, or in the excitement of the present.
Bring your entire energy focused into activity. That is the highest creative action.