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Lunar Eclipse in Britain in December 2010 – Chandra Grahan in United Kingdom

A Total Lunar Eclipse, Chandra Grahan, will take place in Britain on December 21, 2010. In United Kingdom, the time of the Lunar Eclipse is early morning. The total lunar eclipse Begins at 06:33 AM on December 21, 2010 in England. The time is same for all the places in Britain – Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Coventry, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Glasgow.  The lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010 is at Moonrise in Britain. The Total Lunar Eclipse in Britain is from 07:41 AM to 08:53 AM (Local Time) – the visibility ends soon as sun rises. Mid-eclipse is at 08:17 AM. The eclipse ends in United Kingdom at 10:01 AM. If you are a Hindu who keeps fast during eclipse, then you have to follow it if you are living in Britain. Time of Lunar Eclipse on December 2010 in various parts in Britain Eclipse Begins at 06:33 AM on December 21, 2010 (Local Time) Total Lunar Eclipse from 07:41 hr…

Ayyappa Devotional Songs Online – Listen to Ayyappa Songs in Malayalam

Each year during Mandala Makaravilakku Festival at Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple, musicians bring out special devotional songs dedicated to Ayyappa in Malayalam. This year an exclusive portal dedicated to Ayyappa by Malayalam Newspaper Mathurbhumi is presenting the latest Ayyappa songs online. You can listen to Ayyappa Songs titled Ambili Poovalle Ayyappan by Kalabhavan Mani. Another set of songs is by Ganesh Sundharam. You can listen to the songs online. There is no option of download. You can find the Ayyappa Devotional Songs Online here at Harivarasanam website of Mathurbhumi Newspaper

Mathurbhumi has stopped the Harivarasanam website.

Link – Malayalam Ayyappa Songs by Kalabhavan Mani  Link – Malayalam Ayyappa Songs by Ganesh Sundharam

Six months Ravivar Vrat – Sunday Fasting for Six months from Margashirsh to Vaishakh

Some Hindu communities especially in the Mithilanchal region of North India observe Sunday fasting (Ravivar Vrat) for six months. Prayers and vrat on the day is dedicated to Surya or the Sun god.

The Sundays are calculated from the first Sunday of Margashirsh (November – December) month to the last Sunday in Vaishakh month (April – May).

The vrat is kept for peace and prosperity. It is observed by both men and women.

Please note that such vrats are limited to certain Hindu communities and the rules and method of observing the vrat varies from region to region.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa – A story on the power of habit that keeps out truth

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to narrate wonderful stories with a moral or valuable lesson. Here is one such story on the power of influence and habit that keeps out truth. A group of fisherwoman who were on their way home from a distant market was caught in heavy rain. So they took shelter in the home of a flower seller. The florist opened the room where he used to stock his flowers and asked the fisherwomen to take rest there at night and start their journey early morning.
The room was filled with fragrance of various flowers and this made the fisherwomen uncomfortable. None of them were able to sleep. Then one fisherwoman came up with an idea that they should sprinkle some water on their fish baskets so that it will generate foul smell which will make them sleep. All the other women agreed to the idea and they sprinkled water on their fish baskets and kept it near their head and slept peacefully. The fragrance of the flowers did not trouble them. Such indeed is the power of influence…