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Converse withdraws shoes carrying images of Hindu deities – Thanks to Houston-based woman Beth Kulkarni

Couple of weeks ago we had written about Converse shoe company using images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses on its shoes. Now thanks to the efforts made by Houston-based woman Beth Kulkarni, the designer shoes carrying pictures of Hindu deities were withdrawn from sales in the US. She chose the democratic way of protesting, she send emails to the company expressing her anguish and protest. It worked – the company realized the mistake – tendered an apology and removed the product. Democratic way of protesting has not lost its value in the modern world – there are people who use this mode of protest and there are people who respect it. Economic times reports A Houston-based woman Beth Kulkarni raised the issue with the shoe company last week and the company sent its apologies to her via email. The company responded, saying it was an unintentional mistake on their part. "As a Hindu, I am very much offended by the use of pictures of Hindu deities on Converse shoes. Hindus in general find t…

Plan to Build 51 Shaktipeeth Temples at Mount Gabbar near Ambaji Temple in Gujarat

51 Shaktipeeth Temples are located in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Mansarovar in Tibet. Now AmbajiTemple administration atop MountGabbar at Ambaji in Gujarat is planning to construct 51 Shaktipeeth Temples in and around MountGabbar. 51 Shaktipeethas are temples dedicated to Goddess Shakti.

The Story of the 51 Shaktipeethas

Goddess Shakti appeared as Sati and in this incarnation she was the daughter Daksha. Sati married Shiva despite the opposition of Daksha and Sati had to pay the price for it with her life. Daksha conducted a yajna and invited all the living beings but did not invite Shiva. Sati wanted to find out why her husband was not invited. Shiva warned Sati that the sole aim of the yajna was to insult him and she should not go there as she will be insulted. In spite of Shiva’s warning Sati went to enquire about it with her father, and as predicated by Shiva she was insulted by Daksha. Unable to bear the insults hurled at Shiva by Daksha, Sati jumped into the …

Yatinam Mahalaya – Yatheenam Mahalaya

Yatinam Mahalaya is observed during Pitru Paksha period on the 12th or the Dwadasi day in the Bhadrapada month and is dedicated to Sanyasis or Yathi. In 2018, Yatheenam Mahalaya is on October 6. On this day, Pitru Paksha Shradh is not performed for other forefathers. (Please note this custom is more famous in South India especially with some Hindu communities in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh).

The reason for performing the Shradh for Sanyasis and saints is that they have preserved and passed on the knowledge of Sanatana Dharma and had done great service to the society.

Swami Chidananda Thoughts on Vedanta

The atom bomb of Vedanta is the way to relate yourself to the world of appearance of names and forms. Vedanta wants you to disappear. Vedanta wants you to reduce yourself to a cipher, become nothing. Losing yourself, you gain the whole universe. Holding on to yourself, you lose everything. That is the paradox of life. Those who want to cling to the life of this little ‘I, enter into spiritual death. When this Vedantic knowledge is gained one remains in total unshaken equanimity, peace and acceptance. One becomes Sthiraprajna. Swami Chidananda