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Images of Holy Hindu Gods and Goddesses on Converse Shoes – Pictures of Hindu Gods on Shoes

Converse is a shoe company with a history of 100 years; it is currently using images of Holy Hindu Gods and Goddesses which is more than 5000 years old on its All Star Jimi Hendrix brand of Shoes. Take a look at the images of the shoes which are currently available online and you can decide whether it is an insult to the religious sentiments and beliefs of Hindus.

Latest UpdateConverse withdraws shoes carrying images of Hindu deities – Thanks to Houston-based woman Beth Kulkarni

We are not writing much because when such things are spotted and a voice is raised against it – the holy secular press and secular people condemn such findings and news articles and those who spotted it or condemned it are branded religious fundamentalists.
Personally I am hurt but I won’t go around burning or creating vandalism - But it would be nice if the product is removed and the usual apology is followed after removal.
Note – we are not linking to the website of converse Shoes as these types of tactics…

A Hindu Cannot Be Determined By Name – Supreme Court of India

Hinduism never binds people with rules; it respects individual freedom. Therefore it is hard to define who is a Hindu – the Supreme Court of India recently found it difficult to term who is a Hindu and who is not. This is because there is no single rule book or unified command in Hindu religion. The individual is given the freedom to practice Sanatana Dharma the way he/she wants. Thus we have Hindus who apart from going to temples also offer prayers at Churches, Mosques, etc. We also have Hindus who are atheists. We have Hindus who never go to temples or other organized Hindu religious centers but they practice the religion in their minds and they have their own methods of performing worship and practicing Hinduism. Times of India reports Can a person with a Christian name be counted as a Hindu? He can be, said the Supreme Court adopting the Shakespearian logic, "what's there in a name", but with two caveats -- he must follow the practices of Hinduism professed in the are…

Bengali Aashin Month in 2018 – Ashwin Mash in Bangala Calendar in 2018

Aashin month, or Ashwin Mash, is the sixth month in a traditional Bengali calendar. In 2018, Aashin Month in Bangala Calendar begins on September 18, 2018 and ends on October 18. The current year as per Bengali calendar is 1425. Durga Puja the most important Bengali festival is held in this month.

Some of the auspicious days in the Bengali Aashin Month in 2018 include - Mahalaya - October 8Durga Puja Sashti - October 15Durga Puja Saptami - October 16Durga Ashtami - October 17Mahanavami - October 18Dasami and Dasara - October 19 Purnima day in Aashin month in 2018 is on September 25

The Amabashya in Aashin Mash is on October 9, 2018. It is the famous Mahalaya Amavasya and the Durga Puja rituals begin on the day. Mahalaya should be done on October 8

The two Ekadashis in the month are on September 20 and October 5.

Vyeth Trayodashi – Vitasta Festival and Yatra

Vyeth Trayodashi is dedicated to VitastaRiver, which is a holy river. The popular name of Vitasta is Jhelum and local people of Jammu and Kashmir call it Vyeth. Vyeth Trayodashi 2018 date is September 22. The popular belief is that Goddess Parvati appeared as VitasataRiver on the day.
The festival and yatra dedicated to Vyeth is observed on the 13th day of the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase in Bhadrapad month.
People converge on the banks of the river and perform pujas and other rituals. They also a take a dip in the holy river.
You can read more about the ritual here in this earlier article on the topic - Birthday of River Vitasta or Jhelum in Kashmir

Guru Geeta Teachings

The Guru, who is bereft of knowledge, and who proclaims untruth, and who is a swindler should be discarded. One who does not know his own rest, how can he help others to attain peace?
How can one help others to swim when he himself does not know how to swim? Such people are not be saluted, who are miserable by sight and creators of delusion. Such gurus should be discarded very far. One should take refuge only in the courageous. Swindlers, sinners, unbelievers, the prejudiced and womanizers, the corrupt and the dishonest and those who act like a crane (crane sits silently but gulps down its prey when becomes handy) and those who have lost the path of action and patience, those who are unyielding and abominable, contentious and quarrelsome, greedy and wrathful, violent and cruel. The above categories of people who have lost wisdom and are sinners should not be accepted as Gurus. Oh dear! Gurus who are different from these should be known and served with devotion. Guru Geeta You may also lik…