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Showing posts from September 12, 2010

Swami Golokananda Thoughts

There is a mango tree in our courtyard that presents us with delicious fruit every year. It is a marvel to watch it in spring, its boughs weighed down with honeyed blossom and tiny green fruit. It spreads its cool shade in the courtyard and dances to our delight in the breeze. But to us the ripe juicy fruit is what the tree means and we are apt to forget that every part of the tree is equally important to its system and has its function and value. The fruit nourishes many of the animal kingdom, the leaves breathe for all living beings. The bees and the birds and the many insects crawling on its rough bark, bear witness to the multifarious purposes of the tree. Which part of the mango tree can be considered nonessential to the tree? Is there any part that can be separated from the basic essence of the tree? No, because the essence dwells in every part of the mango tree. It is in the fruit, it is in the flower, it is in the leaf and the trunk. It exists everywhere, as the form and the b…