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Ganesh Chaturthi Fasting – Vinayaka Chavithi Fast

Fasting on Ganesh Chaturthi is not very popular among most Hindu communities. But some South Indian communities believe that fasting on the day will help in removing all obstacles in ones life. The Vinayaka Chavithi fast begins on the evening of the previous day night and continuous on Ganesh Chaturti and ends next day morning. Ganesh Chaturthi 2017 is on August 25.

It is a partial fast with food at anyone time. Fruits and milk is taken at other times. All types of non-vegetarian food and alcohol are strictly avoided. Prayers dedicated to Ganesha are chanted on the day.

On the morning of Ganesh Chaturthi, the person fasting should offer prayers to Ganesha at home or in a temple. Similarly, the fast ends after offering prayers to Ganesh on next day morning at home or in a temple.

In South India some Hindu communities believe that observing the fast will help in removing problems in married life, will help in early marriage and also will help in removing career related problems.

Gloria Arieira – a Brazilian and an authority in Sanskrit – translates Bhagavad Gita and Parts of Vedas to Portuguese

To take the unparalleled teachings found in the Bhagavad Gita and Vedas to her students in Brazil and Portugal, Gloria Arieria has translated Bhagavad Gita and parts of Vedas to Portuguese – the translations were made directly from Sanskrit to Portuguese as she did not want to lose the essence of the original text. For this she studied Sanskrit and is an authority on Sanskrit today. Vidya Mandir, a school of Vedanta studies founded and run by Gloria functions at Copacabana, Rio in Brazil. The Hindu writes about Gloria Arieira’s journey into the world of Vedanta A disciple of Swami Chinmayananda and of Swami Dayananda, Gloria's entry into the world of spirituality was after she heard Swami Chinmayananda's talk on Vedanta in Rio. That was in 1973. Gloria felt that her search for the greater meaning to life was answered. With her curiosity aroused she wished to delve deeper into the philosophy of the Vedas and found her way to an ashram in Mumbai (Powai). Here she studied the Vedas…

Ganga Ashtami

Ganga Ashtami is a unique ritual dedicated to the dead ancestors, parents and relatives performed in Jammu and Kashmir. Ganga Ashtami 2017 date is August 29. On the ashes of those who had died during the past year are immersed in the Gangabal lake, which also known as Harmukh or HarmukataLake. The ritual is also known as Shardha Ashtami.

HarmukhLake and its surrounding are holy places associated with Hindu God Shiva. Devotees also take a dip in the holy lake during the period. A fair is also organized during the period.

The day is popularly observed as Radha Ashtami in other regions in India.

Teachings from Tripura Rahasya

The supreme wisdom is that which ends the delusion that anything exists apart from myself (Mother Goddess). The fruit of this realization is fearlessness and the end of sorrow.

When one realizes that all the limitless universes are a fraction of an atom in the unity of my being, That all the numberless lives in the universes are a wisp of vapor on one of my breaths, That all triumphs and tragedies, the good and evil in all the worlds, are merely games I play for own amusement, Then life and death stand still, And the drama of individual life evaporates like a shallow pond on a warm day. Tripura Rahasya

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