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Pictures of Murtis of Krishna and of Krishna Temples

Although small, this particular collection of pictures of murtis or idols of Krishna and temples of Krishna is unique. The image gallery is presented by Zeenews and contains the pictures of Madan Mohan, Radharaman, Dwarka etc.
You can view the image gallery here at zeenews.

Adhukh Navami – Aduka Navmi – Men Remember Their Dead Wives

Adhukh Navami is a ritual observed in the Bhadrapad Month. The rituals on the day are dedicated to Goddess Shakti. In some regions, worship is offered to Goddess Gauri. Adhukh Navami 2017 date is September 14. Aduka Navmi is observed on the ninth day during the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in the Bhadrapad month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India.

Widowers (men who had lost their wives) offer food to the poor – especially to a poor married woman. In some places dry food is offered to the poor people.

Women offer worship to Goddess Shakti for a good and prosperous year for the family.

The day is also known as Avidhava Navami.

Food For Thought – Sant Tukaram

Worldly people are so blind and ignorant that they have forsaken true divinity and have resorted to worshiping imaginary gods. As I meditated on the Lord, my mind and body were transformed. What can one say about the state? My sense of ‘I’-ness has become the Lord. As my mind subsided, it became pure consciousness, and I saw the entire creation as the Lord’s own form. ‘What can I say? There is only one, only one. My only thought is of Him. How long shall I tell my mind not to run after everybody it sees? Idle affection is the cause of sorrow. Real happiness consists in leading a secluded life. Care not for praises or blame. Care not for compassion and affection. Care not for happiness and sorrow. Those who want to pursue God sit down at a place with determined effort. Think about it, my mind, says Tuka, and be as hard as adamant. Sant Tukaram