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Importance of Turmeric or Haldi or Manjal in Hindu Pujas and Rituals

Turmeric, popularly known as Haldi or Manjal, is an important puja item in most Hindu ceremonies. The color of turmeric is yellow and it is believed to have a cooling effect on the brain. It is also believed to help in regularizing the brain wave.Turmeric has healing properties and is widely used in bathing in rituals by many Hindu communities. Large amount of turmeric powder is sprinkled on the idols of Nagas or Snakes in South India.Haldi Kumkum is an important ceremony with many Hindu communities in western parts of India.

Find Rashi and Nakshatram for free Online

If you know your birth date, time and place of birth, then this online software will help you in finding your Rashi, Nakshatram and the ruling god of your Rasi. This is ideal for those people who have not had their horoscope prepared or for those that are not aware of Rashi or Nakshatram of elders in the family. This is a free online software and is provided by the Agasthiar Ashram.You can get the Rashi and Nakshatram Online here at the Agasthiar website.You may also like to readCalculate Ekadasi Tithi or Day in your town

Purushottam Kamala Ekadasi - Purusottami Ekadasi

Purshottam Kamala Ekadasi is observed during the Adhika Masa. The extra month that is added to Hindu Lunar calendar once in 30 months is also referred as Purushottam Masa in honor of Hindu God Vishnu. Purushottam Kamala Ekadasi 2018 date is May 25 and June 10. This Ekadasi is also referred as Parama Ekadasi.
All the usual rules observed during Ekadasi fasting are followed on the day.

The Ekadasi that is observed in the Adhik Masa or Purushottam Month is also referred as Purusottami Ekadasi. The term ‘Purusottami Ekadasi’ is more popular in Orissa.

Adhik Masa or Purushottam Mahina is associated with the Hindu Lunar Calendars. When there is such an occurrence instead of the usual 24 ekadasis in a Hindu Lunar Year there will be 26 Ekadasis, The two extra ekadasis in a lunar year is referred as Purusottami Ekadasi.

Words of Wisdom – Swami Visharadanand

All unhappiness is born out of psychological condition of mind called 'vritis' or modifications. Four such conditions of mind are: spardha or competition, asuya or jealousy, tiraskar or hatred and ahankar or ego. These four vritis destroy our happiness.
Competition brings about the attitude of ‘doing something only to win’ rather than ‘excelling to bring out your best potential’. When ‘winning’ and not ‘doing the best possible’ is the attitude, it may also lead to use of unfair means as also compromise on quality of work input.
Swami Visharadanand of Prashanti Kutiram, Bangalore