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Odhuvar – People Who Chant Thevaram and other Verses in Shaivite Temples

Odhuvar are men who sing ‘Thevaram’ and other Tamil devotional hymns and songs in Shiva, Ganesha and Muruga temples in South India. They sing the sacred hymns during the main puja period. The word odhuvar comes from the word odhu or othu, meaning to chant. The verses they chant are usually from the Tirumurai, which is a collection of twelve books with hymns praising the glory of Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh and Muruga. It was compiled by Saint Nambiandar.Earlier only men used to perform the role of Odhuvar but now women are also taking up the place of Odhuvar in temples.There is also a three-year Thevaram course at the GovernmentMusicSchool which prepares students interested taking up the position of Odhuvar in temples.

Download Vishnusahsranamam Pdf in Hindi Text for Free

Vishnusahsranamam is one of the most popular mantras dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Vishnu Sahasranamam consists of the 1000 names of Lord Vishnu. This is a pdf version of the Vishnusahsranamam text in Hindi. Two versions of it are popularly chanted – one found in the Mahabharata and the other in the Padma Purana. This free version of Vishnusahasranamam in Hindi text is provided by Gita Press. You can download Vishnusahsranamam Pdf here at Gita Press. You may also like to read Download Ramacharitamanas in English – Tulsi Ramayan from Gita Press for free Download Bhagavad Gita in Hindi from Gita Press

Kamada Ekadashi Vrat Katha – Story of Kamda Ekadasi

Kamada Ekadashi is observed during the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) in Chaitra month (March – April). The story of Kamda Ekadasi is mentioned in Varaha Purana during a conversation between Yudhishtira and Lord Krishna. The Ekadashi Vrat Katha was originally narrated by Sage Vasishta to Maharaja Dilip, the great grandfather of Lord Rama. Lord Krishna retells it to Yudhishtira.There once lived a beautiful couple named Lalit and Lalitha. Lalit was a Gandharva and Lalitha was an apsara. They were good singers and dancers and they performed at the court of King Pundarika in Ratnapur. Once, Lalit had to perform at the palace without his wife. The love of the couple was so intense that they could not tolerate a moment’s separation. On the day, Lalit could not perform in his usual self and a courtier informed the king that Lalit was making mistakes in his dance performance as he was not with his wife.The king became extremely angry and cursed Lalit to become a demon for being overpowe…

Swami Visharadananda – Food for Thought

We like the ‘world’ because it makes us happy. As long as people make us happy, we love them. This fact is too hard to swallow, but it is the fact with most of us. People love one another because of their mutual usefulness. The day one ceases to be useful, he/she is discarded. A spiritual seeker should recognize this fact and accept it. 
We should acknowledge the reality of our mundane existence. For example, it is a common experience that an earning member gets more attention in a family than a non-earning one. The earning son is more useful and makes parents happy. They may not say it openly but even in a family, people are ultimately selfish. It sounds unfair, but it is a fact which cannot be ignored.
One can see people in their true colours when one is in real trouble. A true friend is one who stands by one’s side at the time of need. When we recognize this fact, then comes the question: why should we lose time and life for such people! In our scriptures we have the examples of se…