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Important Hindu Festivals and Auspicious Days in April 2010

Dates of important festivals associated with Hinduism in April 2010 – based on major Hindu calendars used in India. The festivals and auspicious days are based on Indian Standard Time.April 2, 2010 – Ganesh Sankashti Chaturthi April 10 – Varuthini EkadasiApril 10 – Shri Vallabhacharya JayantiApril 11 – Pradosh April 14 – Medam month begins in Malayalam CalendarApril 14 – Amavasya – No moon dayApril 14 – Chitirai 1 – Tamil New Year

Sashti March 2011 date – Muruga Shasti Fasting

Sashti, or Shasti, is a Hindu fasting day dedicated to Lord Muruga or Kartik. Sashti March 2011 date is March 11. Shasthi is the sixth day after Amavasi (no moon) and Poornima (full moon) in a traditional Hindu calendar. The Sashti after Amavasi is considered highly auspicious by Muruga devotees and fasting is performed on the day. The Shasti in March 2011 is also Skanda Sashti in some parts of Western India. Fasting on Sashti is considered highly beneficial and some devotees observe a complete fast for 24 hours. Lord Muruga, also known as Shanmukha and Subramanian, is widely worshipped in South India, especially by Tamilians. In North India, Lord Muruga is known as Kartik or Kartikeya. Many devotees make it a point to visit Lord Muruga temple on Sashti day. Some people only eat the Prasadam given from the temple on the day. You may also like to read Shasti fasting – How to observe Sashti

Chaitra Navratri Begins Today – Ram Navaratri

Today, March 16, 2010, the first day during the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) marks the beginning of Chaitra Navratri – also known as Vasant Navaratri or Spring Navaratri or Ram Navaratri. This Navratri is mainly observed in North India.The Navratri ends on the Ram Navami day on March 24, 2010. Basanti Puja is observed during the period.You can read more about Chaitra Navratri here in this article.

Today is Chaitra Shukla Pratipada – New Year in North India

Today is Chaitra Shukla Pratipada and this marks the beginning of the year as per traditional calendar followed in North India. Chaitra Shukla Pratipada is the first day during the waxing phase of moon in Chaitra month. Nav Varsh Samvant 2067 begins on March 16, 2010.You can read more about Nav Varsh Samvat 2067 here in this article.

Sri Sri Ravishankar – Simple Thoughts

It is time to look deep within and connect the mind with the inner self and rekindle the faith. Mind is vacillating between the past and the future we got to bring it to the present.Pilgrimage is an inward journey. It is a journey into oneself. It is a search for a communion between God and oneself.We are made up of the substance called love. We are God’s image, God is love, but then why hatred, jealousy among people? How to handle them is a huge challenge. Spiritual wisdom helps to overcome them. Breathing exercises helps to remove all negative emotions.Religions are essential because they give us the connectivity to God. Religion is an external aspect, whereas spirituality is interiorisationSri Sri Ravishankar