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Flowers offered to Lord Muruga

Each god in Hindu pantheon has a favorite flower and leaves. Lord Muruga, also known as Skanda or Subrahmanya, is usually offered white or red oleander (Arali) flowers. Other favorite flower of Muruga includes rose and Champa flowers (Shenbegam).Oleander is known as Arali in Tamil; Kaner in Hindi and Raktakarabi in Bengali. Please note that oleander flower and plant is considered poisonous and is believed to contain toxic compounds. Golden champa or yellow champa locally known as chambugam or chempaka is another favorite flower of Lord Muruga.RelatedFlowers and leaves used in Ganesh PujaFlowers and leaves used in Lakshmi PujaFlowers and leaves offered to Lord KrishnaGanesh Patris

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, also known as Chaitra Shukladi, is the first day during the waxing phase of moon in the Chaitra Month. Chaitra Shukla Pratipada 2018 date is March 18. The day is observed as Hindu New Year in North India. The day is also observed as Gudhi Padwa in Maharashtra and Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The Sindhi Community observes Cheti Chand on the day, which is the Sindhi New Year.

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada marks the beginning of the Vikram Samvat Year. Nav Varsh Samvat 2075 will begin on March 18.

Sant Narhari Sonar Punyatithi

Sant Narhari Sonar was an ardent devotee of Lord Vithoba and Lord Shiva and is believed to have had the darshan of Lord Vithoba (Sri Hari Vishnu). Sant Narhari Sonar Punyatithi 2018 date is February 3. A goldsmith by profession, Sant Narhari Sonar got the darshan of Vithoba when he tried to measure the waist size of the murti of Vithoba at PandarpurVithalTemple through imagination.

Legend has it that once a merchant asked Sant Narhari to prepare a gold waist band for Vithoba. But being an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, Sant Narhari did not want to go to Pandarpur temple. So he tried to close his eyes and imagine the waist size of Lord Vithoba. But as he tried to imagine the waist size he felt as if he was touching the Shivling and this happened several times. Finally, when Sant Narhari opened his eyes he found Lord Vithoba before him. Sant Narhari Sonar realized that Shiva and Vishnu are the same.

After realization, the pious soul became an ardent devotee of both Vithoba and Lord Shiv…