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Papa Ramdas Thoughts

There are two kinds of smiles genuine and artificial. Very often we put on smiles, but the heart does not smile, only lips and face take part in it. This is not a real smile. When the heart is filled with joy, it is reflected on the face as a smile. It is a natural outflow of joy.
In the eyes of God there is no evil. We suffer because of our ego…what after all is right and wrong? That which takes you towards God is right and that which takes you away from God is wrong. There is no question of right and wrong for one who has realized God.
Adversity is not undesirable. Because, it is only when you are down and out in life that you can realize its true value.
When you find God within you, all your ambitions are fulfilled…there is no fulfillment of your ambitions from external things.
Papa Ramdas