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Today November 3, 2010 First Day of Diwali Celebrations – Important Rituals and Pujas

Important Diwali celebrations begin on November 3, 2010. Here are the list of pujas, rituals and festivals that are observed on November 3, 2010 by different Hindu communities in India.
Dhanteras – Lakshmi Puja (only by some Hindu communities) and auspicious day to make investments.
Dhantrayodashi – Another name of Dhanteras and lighting of lamps for Yama
Yampanchak – Diwali in Nepal begins
Tihar Festival – Diwali in Nepal begins
Govatsa Dwadasi – Dedicated to Cow in Gujarat
Yama Deepdan – Lighting of lamps for Yama
Dhanvantri Jayanti – Appearance day of God Dhanvantri
Vasubaras – Dedicated to Cow in Maharashtra
Vagh Barash – Dedicated to Cow and other domesticated animals in Gujarat
Note - As always this list is not complete because the Hindu tradition is so vast and it is impossible to capture everything associated with even a single festival in Hinduism. There are numerous other rituals and pujas that are observed today. If you know some that is not in this list please write about it in the comments section or email at [email protected]