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Nirguna Manasa Puja Teachings – Adi Shankaracharya

Disciple – Where is the invocation (avahana) of the Fullness, and the seat (asana) of the All-supporting, how is there washing of the feet (padya), offering of water (arghya) and sipping (achamana) for the limpid and Pure One?
Disciple doubts how he can perform puja and other rituals to the formless Brahman. Guru clears his doubts by explaining the symbolisms in rituals.
Guru – I worship the symbol of the Self (atmalinga) shining like a jewel and situated in the heart-lotus within the city of illusion, with the ablutions (abhisheka) of the unsullied mind from the river of faith, always, with the flowers of samadhi, for the sake of non-rebirth.
‘I am the One, the Ultimate’. Thus one should invoke (avahayet) Lord Siva. Then one should prepare the seat (asana) that is thinking of the self-established Self.
I have no contact with the dust of virtue and sin. Thus should the wise one offer washing of the feet (padya) that is such knowledge destroying all sins.
One should pour forth that handful of water which is the root – ignorance heldfrom time without beginning. This is verily the water- offering (arghya) of the symbol of the Self.
Indra and other beings drink only the tiny fraction of a drop from the waves of the bliss ocean of Brahman. That meditation is considered as the sipping (achamana).